We facilitate opportunities with foundation and corporate sponsors.
For Corporations
We seek alignment between your priorities and ours, and tailor opportunities to best fit your company’s needs.
For Foundations
We connect private foundations with partners and programs at UCSF that help drive your goals forward.
For Faculty
We match faculty members and staff across all areas of the University with foundations and corporate partners to help advance shared aspirations.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at UCSF. Through our partnerships with corporations, foundations, and other organizations, we deliver breakthroughs that help heal the world. We build productive and mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen UCSF and support our partners’ philanthropic, business, and research goals.

UCSF’s Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) facilitates relationships that:

  • Give our partners a public affiliation with one of the world’s leading health care institutions.
  • Provide increased access to UCSF’s expert investigators, clinicians, and pioneering research.
  • Allow us to work with underserved populations in the Bay Area, nationally, and globally to prevent disease and provide access to treatment.

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CFR works directly with faculty to help them secure funding. We also work with other campus groups that interact with foundation and corporate sponsors, including Research Management Services (contracts and grants), the Research Development Office/Limited Submissions Program, Government and Business Contracts, and the technology transfer, licensing, and industry contracts offices. Corporate partners can learn more about corporate contracts, technology licensing, and clinical trials from UCSF Innovation Ventures.

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